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Our memberships are designed to help take away the stress of remembering to get a massage AND as a great way to build your wellness collateral while SAVING! With automatic billing, all you need to do is BOOK your service!

All memberships have a 12 month term. Early cancelation will result in fees totaling the difference in the original price of the service for the months you were subscribed and a $25 processing. Cancellation must be done in writing 30 prior to the end of the 12 month term. Services may not be transferred to other individuals and must be used by the purchasing member only. Members may also purchase additional services at a discounted rate. Discounted services may be gifted to 1 person per month otherwise, must be used by member. You may not use more than 1 accumulated / roll over service per month. ie customer who rolls over member paid service may only opt in 1 additional prepaid service per month, not including the service purchased for the current month. 

Membership options

  • Keep Me Kalm

    Every month
    Perfect for those making a commitment to normalize selfcare
    • 1- 60 min Keep Kalm
  • Focused on Me

    Every month
    Focus on staying focused
    • 1 - 60 min Deep Tissue Service
  • Kalm Way Down

    Every month
    Sometimes, you need more time
    • 1 - 90 Minute Massage
  • Yes! I'm Focused.

    Every month
    Focused. Period.
    • 1 - 90 min Deep Tissue Service
  • Best Value

    I Gotta Keep Kalm

    Every month
    Clearly, you know what you need
    • 2 - 60 min Keep Kalm Services
  • You Just Never Know

    Every month
    Because, sometimes, we all need a little refresher
    • 3 - 30 Refresh sessions
  • I'm All In

    Every month
    • 4 - 60 Minute Focused Massages
  • Embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

    Session Package - The entire 5 week session
    Valid for 3 months
    • Embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Kalm For Sure

    Every month
    Just what you need to keep your high-energy lifestyle in alignment. Relax. Center. Kalm.
    • 2 - 90 min Keep Kalm Sessions
  • Focused. Doubled.

    Every month
    • 2 - 60 min Focused Massage
  • F.O.C.U.S.E.D

    Every month
    • 2 - 90 min Focused Massage
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